Triple Talaq bill headed to Rajyasabha, all eyes on Congress now



Triple Talaq bill headed to Rajyasabha, all eyes on Congress now

The triple talaq bill is expected to come to Rajya Sabha today. The Lok Sabha, which has a large majority in the BJP, is easily recognized by the Talaq Bill. But in the Rajya Sabha, the opposition is the majority, and it is a matter of excitement whether or not the taluq gets approval. All the Opposition parties, led by the Congress, are more likely to get the Talaq Bill off. Talks between Congress, CPM and other parties have been discussed in the Rajya Sabha for the Talaq Bill but there is no joint statement yet.

Instant triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha, all eyes now on Congress

With regard to the rest of the parties, the Congress is likely to indicate some changes in Triple talaq bill. The demand for the ‘Select Committee’ will be put in place if the government does not agree with the changes. 

Parliamentary sessions will resume on Tuesday after a three-day holiday. Triple Talaq and other key bills will also be introduced today and tomorrow. The BJP has issued a whip to its members to attend meetings on January 2 and 3. The BJP parliamentary party will be meeting in the morning tomorrow (Wednesday).

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