It’s Really Easy To Make Mini Water Fountain At Home


It’s Really Easy To Make Mini Water Fountain At Home

We all tend to have miniature things one for all time. Miniature things attract our guests not only that those things develop our artistic mind and decrease our mental tension too. Also See:–  5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets Under 50 Rupees.  

So today we Yellonews brought to you that how to make tabletop water fountains in our home which is easier we were presenting you a description and also video about the water fountain below here. Let us go through it.

Things You Need:– 

M Seal 

Plastic wheel (to fix in the fan) plastic round cap

Plastic round cap

Hot Glue Gun

Drilling machine to make holes


Plastic Bowl or Pot as you preferred

Accessories to decorate

12v motor (used in tape recorders)


Here we were going to explain the fountain using flower pot as shown in the featured image. Here You need a 14″, 7″, 6″, and three 4″ terra cotta saucers. You also need 6″ and 4″ flower pots, a fountain pump, 1/2″ rubber tubing, silicone sealant, a round file, clear spray sealant,  and a drill with a masonry bit.

Step 2:–

Coming to a base, spray the inside of the 14″ saucer with the spray sealant. Do three coats in total, with dry time between them. 

Step 3:–

Drill and fill the pots and saucers to soak the rest of the flowers to make them easier to drill and shape. For the rubber tubing drill a 1/2″ hole in the 7″ saucer, with a wood block underneath it for support. Then fill four notches in the border of the 6″ pot and one of the 4″ saucers. Fill downward angle large notches in the 7″, 6″, and one of the 4″ saucers as it will be downspouts.

Step 4:–

Assemble the main fountain. With the pump on the bigger saucer, attach the rubber tube to the pump and than then side it up throughout the hole at the bottom of the pot that upside down. Arrange the pot so that the cord for the pump goes through one of the notches on the boarder of the pot. Now place the bigger saucer on top, facing up. Trim the extra tube, leave about a 1/2″, and then seal the edges around the tube with silicone. 

Step 5:–

Assemble the rest of the fountain. Place in the smaller flower pot upside down and top it with the medium size saucer, and the 4″ saucer with the tip on top of the 4″ saucer with no cuts. Arrange all saucers and pots so that the downspouts pour into each other. Finally, place the smaller saucer with the notches upside down, so that will cover the hole with the tube. 

Water should flow up from the bottom, pour out the biggest saucer, into the medium size saucer, into the smaller one, and then back into the 14″ big one so that the process that which start again. Then notches allow for water flow, so if you’re having circulation problems, try making the notches size even big. Here need to stabilize the fountain by glueing these components together, or by lashing them down with twine. 

Step 7:–

For finishing add touches. Fill your saucers with other flow-friendly materials like river stones and then plants or other decorations to your pot. 

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