Kamal Hassan Into Real Time Politics From…


Kamal Hassan Into Real-Time Politics

Tamil Nadu: Actor Kamal Haasan will announce a new party on February 21. Kamal said that a statewide tour will start after announcing the party in hometown “Ramanathapuram”. ‘Thanks to the Tamil people who are responsible for blessings as an actor. Not only thanks, I have the responsibility of the people to do more.

21st February Muhurtham Fix.!!

I am going to start the tour from the Ramanathapuram village on the Feb 21st. On the same day, I will announce the name of the party and its objectives and start my political career on the same day. I will meet the people of Ramanathapuram, Madurai, Dindigul and Sivagangai districts. he has said, calling it a “journey of discovery ” to “understand people’s needs and aspirations.”

21st February Muhurtham Fix.!!

Kamal Haasan backed him up on this stand. “Time is a good medicine for everything. I second it,” all 234 seats in the next assembly elections. That is scheduled to happen in 2021 if the state were to go to polls in the next six months. “I will face it definitely,”  “Only time will be able to tell that. Let us see in due course of time,” Rajinikanth said.

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