Galla Jayadev & MPs Fires on Central Govt over Budget Allocations


Galla Jayadev & MPs Fires on Central Govt over Budget Allocations

Amaravathi: MP Galla Jayadev has once again made it clear that the people of the AP are not fools and the Prime Minister and Amit Shah has to remember that. MP Jayadev arrived to Guntur his own constituency, addressing his own style of injustice. TDP leaders at Prakasam Barrage welcomed him with a floral garland of flowers. From there the vehicle rally was held from the TDP state office in Guntur.

Jayadev addressed the House at this occasion. “The war has just started. TDP should be ready for the fight. Go to Delhi and call for the need to be concerned. If the Prime Minister personally takes responsibility, the AP is going to be justice. The opposition YSRCP as a cat on the wall in Parliament. He said.
MP Vijayasayeddy is continuously running around the Prime Minister’s Office while seeking to join hands with the BJP, “Jayadev criticized. 

Apart, Janasana chief Pawan Kalyan said that the government had earlier announced a separate package for Andhra Pradesh and that the TDP government has agreed to it and now people want to know about the way the special package does not run.

He suggested setting up the JFC. He also suggested that anyone in the committee should be there. Economists, former government officials, academics, social workers and political leaders in this committee, Pawan said.

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