Over 2 Lakh Foreigners Visited India For Medical Care in 2016


Over 2 Lakh Foreigners Visited India For Medical Care in 2016

Medical health ministry in the country developing day to day. In 2016 more than two lakh foreigners received medical care in India. Of the 1,678 Pakistani nationals and 296 Americans. According to the Union Home Ministry, 2,01,099 people from 54 countries in 2016 have been treated in our country.
The central government liberalized visa policy in 2014. Additionally, India has become a key destination for medical tourism, with a much lower cost of Medicaid compared to developed countries, according to a study by a Business Chamber.


The Survey estimates that the current 3 billion dollar medical tourism in India will grow to  7 to 8 billion dollars by 2020. Most medical visas were granted to Bangladeshi nationals in 2016. 99,799 Bangladeshi nationals were treated in the country. Next to Afghanistan (33,955), Iraq (13,465), Oman (12,227), Uzbekistan (4,420) and Nigeria (4,359). From the country, Pakistan received 1,678 people, 296 from the US, 370 from Britain, 96 from Russia and 75 from Australia. Most e-Tourist Visa policy is being applied to many medical visas. At present, 160 countries can get Indian visa.
The number of foreign patients receiving medical services from India was 1,71,021 in 2012, 2,36,898 in 2013, 1,84,298 in 2014 and 1.90 lakh in 2015.

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