Exclusive Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 Movie Review


Exclusive Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 Movie Review

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The most awaiting movie MegaStar’s Khaidi No 150 the greatest comeback movie shutters up on Big Screen today.

Story Plot

Thus we all know Khaidi No 150 directed by V V Vinayak under the Konidela Productions which is a remake of Kollywood Actor Vijay’s Katthi(2014) which is the great blockbuster in Tamilnadu. As in the movie Chiranjeevi also going to play a Double role in the film. 

Detailed Story

Kaththi Seenu is a Criminal and want to escape from the jail and leave the country. But unfortunately he comes across an accident and the helps the Victim. As we 

As we already told you that double role which arises here that Victim who saved Seenu names Shankar who exactly looks like Seenu. Seenu very cleverly sends Shankar to jail and he enters as Shankar to earn more money. 

After entering into his life Seenu came to know that he is the only person who is helping downtrodden farmers. Seenu get upset by this a lot, and decides to own shankar problems as his own and starts to clear those problems. In that track, he has a huge fight with corporate companies who are behind all these things.

Does his can solve all these problems? Is the rest of the story which we have to watch.

Chemistry Between Hero and Heroine 

Up to know Trailer gets a Positive Talk in both Telugu states. The chemistry of Megastar with a young actress like Kajal Aggarwal has become the talk of the town. And even she justify her glamours role with her stunning performance as like every time.


Director V  V Vinayak who is a mettle director of Telugu Movies like Tagore, Bunny, Naayak, Adhurs and much more. He also bagged Nandi Award as Best Film Director for Movie Blockbuster movie Aadhi. Apart from all of this, he narrated farmers problems in a very decent way.


This movie has total 5 songs which was composed by Devi Sri Prasad. In that already most popular songs are “Ammadu Kummudu” and “Rathalu”. 

Notable Star Appearances  

We already know that in ‘Ratthalu’ song Lakshmi Rai made her special appearance for the song. Along with that VV Vinayak, Nagababu, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun by them it flicks the movie much more. 


Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali and Prudhviraj’s comedy by their extraordinary timing is such a plus points for movie and made worth to watch the movie.


Chiranjeevi’s elder daughter Susmitha styled her dad, which looks more younger than his age is such a plus point to a movie and especially for fans who missing from approximately from a decade.

Picturization and Dialogues 

DOP Ratnavelu captures and locks him as perfect as he looks more with stunning camera skills. Which is such an impressive!

Dialogues by Madhav Burra’s also proved himself. 

Overall Plus Points 

Emotional Scenes with villagers

Story Plot

Background Music



Overall Minus Points 


Picturization of Villan which is such a weak

Over top Action Scenes

Interruption of songs between serious scenes 

Weak Climax Which seriousness started at the second half starts getting slow down at climax. 

Rating:– 3.75/5

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