Bengaluru Cop Gets A Honeymoon Trip For?

Bengaluru Cop Gets A Honeymoon Trip For?

Bengaluru Cop Gets A Honeymoon Trip For?

Bengaluru Cop Gets A Honeymoon Trip For?


A cop working with the Bellandur Police Station in Bengaluru earned him a special reward in a rather unusual way, with a belated honeymoon package. But why did this cop get so lucky to get a honeymoon trip?

If you are still in an illusion that luck can get you anything or anywhere, then this incident will wipe out your illusion for sure. Ever heard a saying “Hard work Pays off”? Yes, we know you already understood what we’re going to tell you.

Here’s what happened!

On Thursday, police constable Hanumanth who was posted near Big Bazaar on Sarjapur Road for his night duty heard shouts of “Thief, Thief”. In no time, he realised that phone snatchers had taken off on their two-wheelers and Hanumanth followed in hot pursuit on his own bike. After a chase of four kilometres, he was able to get hold of one Arun Kumar (20), who had made off with a mobile phone.

In the process, Hanumanth injured himself but he did not let go off Arun.

“He still has injuries on his hands, knees and is still limping,” said Bellandur Police Station Inspector Victor Simon.

Hanumanth is currently recuperating in hospital.

Inspector Victor is very proud of his colleague. “This is exemplary bravery. Single-handedly, he dashed his own two-wheeler against theirs after chasing them till Koramangala, caught hold off the accused even after getting injured,” Victor told in the press meet.

“This is the reason (for the reward), we want to encourage this kind of rare bravery in the department. His determination to track and apprehend the thief and the guts he showed is very rare in the department,” he added.

Arun is in police custody while his compatriot Lala is still absconding. The phone recovered from Arun has been returned to its rightful owner.

For this act of bravery, Hanumanth was awarded cash of Rs 10,000 and a honeymoon package worth Rs 25,000 by the police department on Friday. Hanumanth, who got married in November last year, will get a three nights-four days holiday in Kerala, covering Munnar and Alleppey.

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