ATL Batteries Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is To Prevent Explosion Issue


ATL Batteries Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is To Prevent Explosion Issue

Galaxy Note 8.0 is yet to release of its upcoming flagship phablet, by this doing its best to prevent one more fiasco to ensue following the release the Galaxy Note 8.0. The precautionary measures which include ditching long-time Chinese partner which is ATL, who is suppling the fire-prone batteries of the current product Galaxy Note 7. Also See:– These Alternatives To ‘Aur Batao’ When Talking On The Phone! Are Best!!!

According to reports On Monday, The Investor learned from South Korean language that Samsung Electronics has opted to not to use ATL batteries anymore for its Samsung Galaxy phablet in this year. ATL battery sources revealed that the new flagship phone would instead come with 3,300mAh batteries from Japan’s Murata Manufacturing and Samsung SDI. 

After the massive recall of the Note 7, this company has apparently moved away from the Chinese manufacturer following in late last 2017. So, Samsung’s decision does not come as a surprise anymore.  And for the record, this is already the second time that Samsung has chosen to ditch this company for its flagship handsets. And this is first time for the company when the tech giant launched the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung SDI is in charge of 80% of ATI production for the Note 8. Murata, on the other hand, produces 20% of the ATL batteries needed for the flagship phablets. Sources indicate that the two manufacturers could continue to be the suppliers of batteries for next year’s Galaxy S9 flagship instalment. 

One of the company’s source pointed that “The two firms failed to narrow their differences on key issues such as handling of unused batteries and related compensation”. “It may be possible for them to continue partnership on budget phones or some models for overseas markets, but flagship phones will not use ATL batteries.”

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